Memo Bottle

We all want to take care of the environment, and toting around a reusable water bottle is one of the easiest ways reduce waste. The only problem is that the round shape is inconvenient to throw in a bag, so we often leave it at home. I stumbled upon Memo Bottle on Instagram. Resembling the shape […]

Chevy Goes Beyond Trendy

I have never necessarily been a car person. I would rather browse the designer shoe section at Nordstrom than test drive cars any day.  Cars were always a foreign language. How does a car engine work? No clue. I can barely back out of a parking space. Don’t even mention parallel parking. Well much to […]

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Does Sweating Burn Belly Fat?

What is your weight? Oh my god! Damn, I am asking your weight. Don’t be angry. Just think about your weight. If you feel about your overweight? Or, if you are feeling overweight? So, does sweating burn belly fat? Don’t worry. In the present day, everyone is more conscious of their weight. Not only considering […]

How to Use Hairspray for Volume?

Men and women have used this styling product to keep their hairstyles in place even after several hours. However, acquiring the best volume hairspray is not enough to automatically get the hair boost you need. You actually have to know how to manipulate your choice of hairspray so that you will get the results you […]

What Is CC Cream Good For?

Many people, especially women love to care about their skin rather than men. They use a lot of products to maintain their skin glow. As I said being fair or dark is not at all a matter but maintaining your skin tone is a difficult matter. Seasonal changes, daily routine, intake of food types sometimes […]