How to Use Hairspray for Volume?

How to Use Hairspray for Volume?

Men and women have used this styling product to keep their hairstyles in place even after several hours.

However, acquiring the best volume hairspray is not enough to automatically get the hair boost you need.

You actually have to know how to manipulate your choice of hairspray so that you will get the results you want to see.

If you are confused about how to use a hairspray for volume, stay on this page to find out!

Know the Strength Of Your Chosen Hairspray

One good way in using your best volume hairspray is to know the volumizing strength it can give to your hair.

Choosing the right hairspray with appropriate hold is a common factor and in fact, the first thing to take notice of.

Considering that hair volume is probably the most common reason why people use it, knowing the strength hold is important.

In doing so, you will be able to gauge the amount you will use to achieve appropriate hair volume.

Also, the strength of the hold is influenced by the size of the droplets of the hairspray.

Therefore, the bigger the hair spray droplets the more firm the resulting hold will be.

Moreover, if you want your hair straight and maintained, choose a low-hold volumizing hairspray. 

If you want more hold for a braided crown or half-up bun, choose a medium hold one.

Yet if it’s your big day and you’re ready for some serious dancing, choose an extra stronghold spray!

It definitely is up to you what hairspray to choose as long as it has the appropriate hold you need.

Take your time and get acquainted with every hairspray choice before labeling one as the best hairspray you got.

How to Use Hairspray for Volume?

Keep Your Distance

Another thing to take into consideration is the distance to observe when spraying your chosen hairspray.

You just don’t simply spritz the hairspray haphazardly, in fact, there must be a certain precaution to observe as to its application.

It must be taken into consideration because some hairspray products while offering a great hold makes your hair sticky.

By following a prescribed distance when applying, you get to provide a great distribution for the particles.

Also, by following the prescribed distance you get to avoid risking your hair from over-saturation and extra greasiness.

You would not want to attend a party or gathering of some sorts with very greasy hair, would you?

In such a note, when applying the best volume hairspray to your hair maintain a 30 cm distance.

The 6 inches rule may also be observed or better yet read the product’s instructions for the exact distance to be observed.

It is also important to take note that when spraying, you should not only concentrate in one place.

Make sure to spray evenly onto your hair to get the best volume results.

Moreover, make sure to spray briefly to ensure that your hair will not get weighed down with too much hairspray.

Make Sure You Know The Right Technique To Get The Volume You Need

Aside from knowing the hairspray strength and the proper distance in application, you also have to consider the right technique.

Observing the proper technique is necessary to ensure the hair volume you desire to achieve. 

Use the hairspray correctly by spraying a good amount while running your fingers through your hair to disperse product evenly.

Make sure to flip your hair to the opposite side to create an instant volume at the crown.

It is also good to remember to not only spray on the surface of your hair but also to the lower layers.

As a matter of fact, it is best that you lift sections of your hair strands to help you achieve the desired volume.

If you want to create a height, mist the side part of your hair with your chosen hairspray opposite to your usual part.

In that way, you get to experience a model-esque swoosh that is proven to be a very sexy ‘80s hairstyle.

However, if you have curly hair, lightly spray each individual curl instead of spraying your whole head.

In doing so, you get to avoid having your curls stick together and having to lose each curl’s bounce.

By following the proper technique, you will achieve the va va voom effect of an awesome volumized hair.

Hairspray and Bleached Hair Is A Good Combination

Achieving volume for your hair may also be an easy thing to do if you are sporting an already bleached hair. 

Most hairstyling experts agree that a bleached hair provides an effect beneficial in achieving the volumized hair effect.

A bleached hair provides the texture and the necessary body so that a hair is not too “slippery” when styled.

This effect is great for those with hair that merely lies flat and have a hard time obtaining a volume style.

With the appropriate texture of your hair and the taming effect of hairspray then the volumized effect can be achieved.

Just make sure that when choosing a hairspray, choose one that is not too drying and gives the appropriate hold.

Assess if indeed your hairspray is the best volume hairspray to work on with bleached hair.

You may also want to choose one with non-damaging ingredients so that you will not have to worry about hair regrowth.

So with the right hairspray and appropriately bleached hair, you will get a volumized hair with gorgeous peekaboo highlights.


Achieving volume for your hair does not have to be complicated.

All you have to do is to get the appropriate hairspray strength and find the appropriate distance in applying the product.

You may also want to consider the proper application technique and other available handy tricks deemed beneficial.

If you are still confused with the whole hair volume business, you may want to consult a professional hairstylist.

By doing so, you get professional advice on what or what not to do to achieve the coveted appropriate hair volume.

Nevertheless, acquire all the information you can so that you can properly use a hairspray in achieving desired hair volume.