Style Recipe: We Wore What

Style bloggers are popular because…well…we love their style. Unfortunately, often times their head to toe get-up is unrealistic and would also cause you to declare bankruptcy. So that’s super fun!

Style Recipes will break down your favorite bloggers garb, but for a much cheaper price. With brands like Pixie Market, ASOS, and Nasty Gal at your finger tips, there’s no reason you can’t look stylish for less.

Today we are breaking down a simple outfit from We Wore What. It consists of:

One: cool sunglasses.

Two: a striped tee.

Three: wide-legged jeans.

Four: white flats.

Style Recipe #1

Get the look:

 ASOS 70’s Inspired High Waist Jeans. Stem Red & White Striped T-Shirt. Ray-Ban Red-Tinted Aviators. Forever 21 White Flats.





How To: Land Your Fashion Dream Job According To An Insider Part II


In a two part guest series, Ashley Altstadt let’s you in on her tips and recommendations for going after what you want, and ultimately landing a coveted spot in the fashion industry. This is part II.



Do as much as you can on the side.

When I’m not at my current job, I’m writing for online fashion magazines. Start a blog, take photos and show off your work anyway that you can. Companies want to see someone that takes the time to do what they love. Having a blog will also show off your personality and point of view to future employers.


Dress the part.

When you’re trying to land your dream job, you want to be taken seriously. I always go for a tailored pant or a midi dress for an interview. Employers want to see that you can put yourself together, but you also have your own personal style. Don’t wear too much jewelry, keep it light on the make-up, and always wear heels that you feel confident in.



Before every interview I always research the company inside and out. You want to impress these future employers by knowing the company background and philosophies. Doing your homework shows that you’re serious about the job.


Be smart on social media.

Make sure that you’re putting out a positive image of yourself on every social media platform. Employers will look there first to see what you’re like and who you are. I always stick to classy and respectable posts because you never know who is looking. Social media has become the largest representations of ourselves whether we like it or not.



I’ve learned that being nice to people will get you further in life than anything else. Always be pleasant, be nice to everyone you meet and SMILE! Also, HAVE FUN! Fashion is supposed to be creative, artistic and exciting.


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Bold Patterns at Dylan’s Candy Bar

I got an invite to an event last week that said “candy colored cocktail attire required.” What exactly does this mean? Who knows. I left it up to interpretation and went as a Zebra Cake (not exactly a candy, but cut me some slack here!)








I picked up this Parker maxi skirt last year for Snowball, and am constantly thinking of ways to re-wear it. Although it’s meant to be for black-tie affairs, I tend to pair it with a simple tank-top or fitted t-shirt for events and everyday wear. While dressing up is fun, cocktail attire always confuses me…will I be overdressed or under-dressed? I wore this specific outfit for the Dylan’s Candy Bar opening last Thursday, where the theme was “candy colored cocktail attire.” This long sleeve t-shirt paired with my flouncy Parker skirt seemed like a good balance, so I went with it. I kept it simple with nude lace-up sandals, and stuffed my cards and Chapstick in my beloved Sophia Webster bag.


Top: Similar, HERE. Skirt: Similar, HERE. Shoes: Here. Clutch: Similar, HERE.

How To: Land Your Fashion Dream Job According To An Insider

Ashley Alstadt Post

Ashley Altstadt completed seven internships throughout college, studied abroad, and got her dream job right out of school. With an internship at InStyle and Paige Denim under her belt, it’s no surprise that Joie, Current Elliott and Equipment scooped her up without thinking twice. In a two part guest series, Altstadt let’s you in on her tips and recommendations for going after what you want, and ultimately landing a coveted spot in the fashion industry.


How To: Get Your Fashion Dream Job

By: Ashley Altstadt

At the age of 24 I’ve just landed my fashion dream job of working as an International Sales Assistant for Joie, Current/Elliott and Equipment. My duties involve helping to manage accounts internationally, while also prepping for appointments abroad. My love of fashion and worldwide travel has finally come into one, and this is how I got here.





Throughout my years of college, I managed to complete a total of seven internships. I worked in every area of the fashion industry to not only expand my knowledge, but to really grasp what I was good at. I did internships ranging from Public Relations at Paige Denim to styling on movies to Editorial Intern at InStyle Magazine. Take every opportunity you can, even if it means working for free. The lessons that you will learn at each internship are absolutely priceless.




I was lucky enough to receive my Bachelor’s Degree in Apparel Merchandise and Management from Cal Poly Pomona. From sewing to managing my own business, I was set to go into the real world once I graduated. Even if you aren’t doing a four year degree in fashion, taking a class here and there will help tremendously when working at your dream job. Some things you need to know can’t be taught through real-life experience.


Study abroad.


My last quarter of college was spent studying International Fashion in London. While studying, I also worked as an Editorial Assistant for Verge Magazine. Studying abroad expands your mind to different cultures and how unique the world is. All of my travels taught me so much about myself, but also taught me how beautiful fashion is in other countries than my own. I was able to fully step outside my comfort zone and grow as a person.


Never take ‘no’ as an answer.


During my life I’ve been told ‘no’ more times than I can even remember. I’ve gone on multiple interviews, sent out thousands of e-mails, and followed up with every employer I could. From all of this work, I’ve usually only gotten a few responses. If I gave up I would have never gotten the dream job that I have today. Always stay positive and know that the right job is out there and what’s meant to be will always find its way.


Go for those once in a lifetime opportunities.


In college, I was so honored to be accepted to Teen Vogue Fashion University two years in a row. This was a weekend of seminars in New York City at the Teen Vogue offices. The speakers at these seminars ranged from Alexa Chung to Grace Coddington. When I got my acceptance letter, I knew it was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up even if it would cost me a pretty penny. I’ve learned it’s worth it to save that extra money and spend it on experiences rather than possessions.


Check back on 5.25 for Part II.

Sheer Sexiness

Coachella spirit doesn’t just apply to California, and can live long after festival season is over (or alternatively all the way to Lollapalooza if you plan on attending.) For Love & Lemons is not a new brand, and has exploded on the market in the last year: being spotted on every model, actress, and famous blogger on the Internet. With the brand being no stranger to high-end festival fashion, their Coachella inspired collection lives on year round in the form of sheer embroidered dresses, lace tops, and perfect little rompers.

While determining what my big item to invest in should be for this Summer, I was peeking at the bras on the For Love & Lemons site when their Desert Rose Maxi Dress caught my eye. While the model wears it sans-bra, I would pair it with a black cotton tank dress underneath and lace up sandals.

If you’re always looking for different ways to stand out, the Desert Rose Maxi Dress is for you. This gorgeous sheer dress features cactus and cactus bloom embroidery that is sure to stand out in your closet. Switch it up from your usual floral with this desert themed cutie. If you don’t feel like having your whole body on display, (I wouldn’t either!) the dress comes with a black slip.




Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 8.16.44 PM Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 8.16.55 PM

Five Classics to Add to Your Closet

Every once and a while I save up for a big ticket item I’ve been coveting. I like to set my sights on a classic piece that will last forever and never lose my admiration. While my version of a classic may vary from yours, no one knows your style better than you. These are my tried and true classics:


Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 7.35.55 PM

{A grown-up backpack that doubles as an overnight bag.}

Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 7.38.42 PM

{A dress that will always flatter your curves…no matter how many tacos you just consumed.}

Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 7.44.06 PM

{A neutral piece of sportswear to layer over feminine florals.}

Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 8.07.20 PM

{White or black Roshe kicks: a cloud for your feet.}

Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 8.14.32 PM

{A great bodysuit can be used as shape-wear or layered under an oversized tank.}

DKNY Takes On Maxwell Osborne & Dao-Yi Chow As New Creative Directors

Public School co-founder Maxwell Osborne was born and bred in New York City. When we chatted with him last month, his passion for his work spilled through in an intoxicating way. Osborne credits his deep interest in fashion and music as being his driving force for choosing to attend fashion school and soon after graduating, fashion became his life. Osborne credits Dao-Yi Chow as being the missing piece to his fashionable puzzle, crediting collaboration as the balance to their successful business.

Image via Barney's

Image via Barney’s

With both Osborne and Chow  creating Public School NYC designs that engulf the fast-paced city with an urban twist, it came as no surprise that DKNY tapped them as their latest creative directors. In June of 2013, Public School took home the prestigious CFDA Swarovski Award for Menswear. Later that November, they were named winner of the 2013 CFDA Vogue Fashion Fund Award. It was not until February of 2014 that the duo introduced their first collection of women’s wear. Chow and Osborne will split their time between their original line and DKNY.

In the last few years, DKNY has made a push to return to New York roots, coming out with sportswear inspired designs and a younger looking aesthetic. Tapping Osborne and Chow was a smart move to take this look to the next level. While more youthful lines such as Alexander Wang and Rag & Bone have stolen the spotlight since the early 2000s, this move is sure to put DKNY back on as a top contender.

Additionally, DKNY made a bold move by poaching Apple’s Hector Muelas, former creative director of Worldwide Marketing Communications for Apple, who is credited with marketing the Apple watch. Muelas will take on the title of chief image officer at DKNY, and help re-energize the brand along with Osborne and Chow.

Chairman Pierre-Yves Roussel said the change will be “huge.” While it is unclear exactly what that means, there is zero doubt that these three additions to the DKNY team will put out amazing collections. Now…all we have to do it wait.


Five Things To Scoop Up Now

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 1.15.42 PM

{Nellcôte is on GiltCity offering $39.00 brunch for two.}

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 1.18.24 PM

{Help welcome Summer in this colorful Mandalynn Primary Bikini.}

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 1.23.37 PM

{A Customizable tassle garland sure to brighten up any office.}

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 1.30.50 PM

{The M’oda ‘Operandi M’Onogram Mania shop will make you spend your life savings.}

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 1.33.09 PM

{This charming Charleston apartment will make you want to live the Southern life.}

What You Need To Know About The FTC Blogger Guidelines

Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 8.46.40 AM

In 2013, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) released updated guidelines and regulations for advertising in relation to social media and bloggers. When the guidelines were first released, there was not much talk of it. In the last week or so, blog readers raised eyebrows when 50 bloggers coincidentally wore the same Lord & Taylor Design Lab dress on Instagram. As it turns out, it was not a coincidence and Lord & Taylor had sponsored the posts and gifted the dress to each blogger. The goal was to cause a social media frenzy, and it worked: the dress sold out by the end of the weekend.

While there is no proven statistical correlation between Instagram and ROI, there is no denying the influential power of social media as the latest advertising tool. With social media being unregulated, it is difficult for the Federal Trade Commission to keep an eye on.

With the recent rules coming to light, here is what you need to know:

  • The largest point: All endorsements, sponsored pieces, and gifted items need to be disclosed on all forms of media, including Instagram and Twitter.
  • The disclosure must be made close to the original post (ex. If you promote a bag on Instagram, it must say “sponsored” in the same post.)
  • Disclosure is required in videos, not just written posts.
  • The FTC leaves it up to the brand to make it clear that they require the proper citations, and will ultimately go after the brand if the blogger enlisted to endorse their product does not follow the rules.

If you are looking for more information on brand/blogger relationships and disclosures, I recommend you check out this link.

Tanqueray Brings Innovative Minds To Chicago: Coltrane Curtis, Ronnie Fieg, Jason Geter, and Maxwell Osborne Talk Building Their Brands

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 4.39.21 PM
“We see this program as a riff on the traditional trunk show,” said Keith Scott, Tanqueray Senior Brand Manager. “The leaders on our panel are sharing both their in-demand physical creations, as well as their personal take on how to play and win the style game. Our goal is to inspire and equip the next generation of successful entrepreneurs, while enjoying some great cocktails and compelling music along the way.”
 Top industry leaders don’t follow the yellow brick road, they pave their own path.  This past week, Tanqueray brought Common, Maxwell Osborne of Public School and Black Apple, Ronnie Fieg of Kith NYC, Jason Geter of Grand Hustle Records and manager to Iggy Azalea, and Coltrane Curtis, founder of Team Epiphany, together in Chicago for a unique panel discussing their rise to the top of their fields. In a culture that is constantly changing, Coltrane Curtis, Maxwell Osborne, and Jason Geter continue to dominate at the top. These men are responsible for setting the trends for mass amounts of consumers and have an in depth knowledge of the fields they play in.
 Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 3.15.19 PM
Gin brand Tanqueray launched Tanqueray Trunk Show in January which aims to bring mentorship through progressive style via six private events across the country. Style aficionado Marc Katz was on site to chat with Curtis, Osborne, and Geter in between panel sessions. Katz sat down with Curtis, Geter, and Osborne to get the scoop on topics you won’t find by googling their Wikipedia page.
Team Epiphany recognized early on that brands need new ways to connect with consumers, offline as well as online. While this might seem simple in theory, it isn’t an easy task to take on. Coltrane Curtis recognized this hole in branding early on, and after exiting his first two large corporate jobs at Complex Media and Ecko, created Team Epiphany as a full service creative agency. Curtis credits his father as being the driving force behind creating Team Epiphany, who sadly passed away three years ago and ran his own marketing firm for 25 years. Curtis says: “It was a way for me to put my dreams and goals together and follow my passion of marketing with a twist of creative culture.”
 Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 4.43.36 PM
Public Schools co-founder Maxwell Osborne was born and bred in New York City. Osborne credits his deep interest in fashion and music as being his driving force for choosing to attend fashion school and soon after make it a lifestyle. Like many aspiring designers, Osborne spent years working the undesirable odd jobs required before making it to the top. If Maxwell could give one tip to designers on the rise, it would be to truly know and understand the business side of fashion. Orborne credits part of his success to partnership with Dao-Yi Chow, saying that collaboration in creative thought is necessary in any industry.
 Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 4.39.37 PM
Like Maxwell Osborne, Jason Geter was raised in New York and grew up in the Bronx and Brooklyn area. Geter came from a traditional family that believed in attending a four year college and then going straight into corporate America. While he did not know exactly what he wanted to do professionally, he decided to move into the music industry after being connected with family friends that worked on The Notorious B.I.G’s albums.. Geter signed his first artist by the name of T.I. and has continued to help clients climb to the top, including Iggy Azelea.
 To keep up to date with the Tanqueray Trunk Show, check out their video on Style & Access.
 Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 4.43.52 PMReporting via Marc Katz and Sarah Aiken for
Photography: Marisa McWilliams

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